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Experts of market data in the cloud, BCC Group, partnered with Strategic Blue to keep its AWS costs to a minimum.

BCC Group International is recognised as experts of market data in the cloud, through their Cloud-based Financial Market Data Service Platform. By using these platforms, BCC Group delivers a real-time messaging system called the ‘One Platform’ which is built specifically for financial market data.

BCC Group became a Strategic Blue customer in 2018, first and foremost to aid their own cloud journey with AWS and to utilise Strategic Blue’s core business of being Cloud FinOps experts. As the relationship developed, it became clear that BCC Group and Strategic Blue shared a common goal, and a Partnership began to develop with BCC Group focusing on their Market Data in the Cloud, and Strategic Blue focusing on Cloud FinOps.

BCC Group is able to stay on top of its ever-growing AWS costs

Keep AWS costs to a minimum

We have formed a great partnership with BCC Group


As with much of the financial and technology industries, market data is a high-volume, low latency industry. Financial firms can easily move millions of prices and other data through the cloud in seconds. When you couple that data flow with system utilisation and storage requirements, the cost of cloud is hard to predict and can be a significant challenge for CFO’s in the industry. Also, the flexible nature of cloud computing can result in companies having fast-growing cloud costs which they struggle to keep up with.

These complexities made it even more important for BCC Group to engage with Strategic Blue, as their FinOps expertise provides significant clarity and transparency to cloud costs and usage, as well as keeping costs as low as possible.


BCC Group and Strategic Blue have forged a powerful partnership and offering for financial institutions. Providing a seamless service of data streams, as well as a means to keep on top of ever-growing AWS costs.

BCC Group and Strategic Blue jointly hosted the event ‘Market Data In The Cloud’ in 2019, which was a fantastic platform for both parties to reach out to like-minded companies who could benefit from both offerings. Strategic Blue and BCC Group will continue to work closely together, not only on BCC Group’s AWS environments but also on the wider financial industry that can benefit from this type of work.


BCC Group initially signed up with Strategic Blue for their own cloud requirements. Like most other companies in the industry, they found tracking AWS costs and keeping costs to a minimum a challenge.

Once Strategic Blue had worked closely with BCC Group on their own AWS journey, it became clear that a Partnership between BCC Group and Strategic Blue made sense, with the customers of both parties being able to benefit from the services offered. Importantly, BCC Group works with some of the largest financial institutions on critical data, and as such required a partner that could completely control the cloud FinOps complexities.

BCC Group has subsequently brought the Strategic Blue team into engagements with clients who are desperate to understand their cloud costs and reduce their cloud costs as much as possible. Through Strategic Blue’s People Powered FinOps services, BCC Group’s customers are able to leverage the Strategic Blue expertise here, understand where the money is flowing, and reduce their AWS costs as much as possible. Similarly, Strategic Blue works across a variety of financial focused customers who have been introduced to BCC Group and their ‘One Platform’ so that they can leverage their strong expertise of market data in the cloud.

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