Strategic Blue: Our Rebrand Story

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We are extremely proud to announce that we have enhanced the Strategic Blue brand to better represent how we bring our customers and partners a brighter way to buy cloud – a way that’s accessible, flexible, trackable, cost-efficient, and continually optimised. 

“We are really excited to announce that we have gone live, on time, with the rebrand and I am really proud of what our team and our branding partner, Thursday, has accomplished and delivered. Our rebrand enhances our verbal and visual identity to better reflect the business value we deliver and to make us more easily accessible and understandable to the market".

As part of our rebrand strategy, we conducted in-depth research, market analysis and spoke to our team, customers and partners. We chose to keep our brand name, as we continue to operate in the strategic blue space between clouds, but have changed many components of our verbal and visual identity. Notably, we have updated our messaging to emphasise the strength of our capabilities and commitment to helping our customers and partners to harness cloud a brighter way. 

To compliment our new messaging, Strategic Blue now has a contemporary, bold and polished new look, with a refined logo, colours, fonts and icons to reflect the changes in our business over the last 11 years and our position as a scalable B2B FinTech. The blocks used in the new marque represent how we strategically build win-win-win relationships for organisations, partners and the environment and a ‘tetris effect’ towards portfolio management. Now is the right time to illuminate the Strategic Blue brand. 

As our business has grown, so have our capabilities. Our unique buying expertise, portfolio approach to cloud financial management and insights give organisations new, significant opportunities to do more with less. With us, our customers and partners unlock the most value from their investment in cloud – value that they wouldn’t be able to experience without us.  

We have many more plans in place to develop our capabilities further to extend our offering provided to customers and partners. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our latest releases and Click here to find out if you’re overspending on cloud.

About Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue was formed in 2010 from a background in trading electricity. Today, we trade cloud resources – but our mission remains the same. We combine our belief in the transformative power of renewables with our expertise in cloud financial management to bring our clients an innovative, cost-effective way to seize the cloud’s many opportunities.


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Strategic Blue helps organisations buy cloud on terms to suit their needs, helping them accelerate innovation in the cloud and optimise long-term cloud costs.

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