AI-powered summarisation technology provider, Scholarcy, was looking for ways to save money on its cloud computing costs.

Scholarcy is a provider of AI-powered summarisation technology based in London. They partnered with Strategic Blue in 2020 after seeking out ways to save money on their cloud computing. Whilst their initial needs were modest, this was crucial in allowing them to deploy their technology at scale and make it more cost-effective for their customers.

Scholarcy reduced its cloud costs by 40%

Increased visibility of data and actionable insights

Reduction in internal cloud management time

Strategic Blue has been incredibly easy to work with


Scholarcy provide automated summarisation of text-heavy documents, largely for the use of researchers, publishers and technology companies.

Previously, Scholarcy developed cloud-based summarisation technology to automatically read documents and extract the highlights. However, their more recent advances, which can summarise a document in non-technical language, matching the needs of different readers, required much more powerful cloud provision, which would have been costly to deploy at scale.

In order to make the new service more cost-effective for themselves and, in turn, their customers, they needed to find a solution which reduced the costs of cloud processing.


Since becoming a Strategic Blue customer, Scholarcy has saved 40% on their monthly cloud costs, which has allowed them to invest more in scaling the technology and to make the service more widely available to their customers.

In addition to this, their management times related to cloud processing have also greatly reduced, allowing them to focus more time and energy on other areas within the business. Scholarcy let Strategic Blue handle the Cloud FinOps, whilst they concentrate on more business-critical areas.

Whilst their current needs are focused solely on financial savings, they are looking forward to being able to work with Strategic Blue on more projects going forward, having seen the additional benefits that they are able to provide their customers.


Strategic Blue’s People Powered Financial Operations (FinOps) service enables our clients to benefit from cloud vendor pricing models and promotions which are not available to those who purchase directly from the cloud vendor. As we aggregate client consumption into a single portfolio, we can pass additional flexibility and savings on, making it possible for us to offer many of our services on a free of charge, value add basis.

Scholarcy was previously paying the highest, On-Demand costs for their AWS services, which was proving a financial headache. Strategic Blue worked with Scholarcy to move them onto committed usage which is much more cost-effective.

The commitment is held directly with Strategic Blue, meaning that Scholarcy only has one point of contact for their cloud services, freeing up more of their time in-house.

As well as getting on top of cloud costs, Strategic Blue’s Clarity & Transparency suite of services has also enabled Scholarcy to see a much wider range of usage data, an insight which was previously unavailable to them. Understanding their data on a more detailed level has allowed them to speed up their development processes and be clearer on what is possible for their business in the future.

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