Why do Cloud Providers price the way they do?

The first episode in our What's New in Cloud Finops? series explains why Cloud Providers price the way they do.

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About this podcast

Strategic Blue has launched a What’s New in Cloud FinOps? Podcast. Each month our Head of Business Acquisition, Steve Old and Head of Customer Success, Frank Contrepois collate all of the latest cloud FinOps news.

Our first episode gives an in-depth understanding of why cloud providers price the way they do and also discusses the following:

  • AWS new Graviton Chips (1:28)
  • GCP n2 chips (3:32)
  • AWS Savings Plan Queueing (5.08)
  • Azure Cost Allocator Preview (7.26)
  • Azure Cost Management (8:33)
  • AWS Monthly Granularity on Cost and Usage Report (CUR) (9:51)
  • AWS Cost Anomaly Detector (11:19)
  • AWS Reserved Bandwidth for Elemental MediaConnect (13:48)
  • Cloud provider pricing models (15:25)

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