Is Quantum Computing about to revolutionise the cloud market?

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Quantum Computing is at a tipping point.  Last year, Google and its collaborators controversially claimed in the prestigious journal, Nature, to have achieved “Quantum Supremacy”, i.e. an advantage of quantum computing over conventional computing methods.  The advent of quantum computing capabilities could impact all our lives, both for better and for worse, just like most previous huge technological achievements.  Just as AI and machine learning are pervading many areas today, a far wider cross-section of society than physicists and computer scientists will become interested in quantum computing and its applications in the near future.

Amazon has no intention of letting Google rule the next great innovation in the cloud computing market.  They have announced the general availability of Amazon Braket, an on-demand quantum computing service democratising access to several different types of quantum computer.  Anyone with a credit card can create an account with Amazon Web Services, test some code in simulation, and then have Amazon run it on a real quantum computer, all available on-demand.  IBM and Microsoft are both actively bringing quantum computing solutions to market too.  We’re in for the next big cloud battle amongst the hyperscale titans.

At Strategic Blue, we expect both our commercial and public sector customers to be embracing the power of quantum computing in the cloud as soon as it comes of age.  We sense this will be relatively soon, and that they will want to include quantum computing services in their procurement of hyperscale cloud services via Strategic Blue’s cloud FinOps services, which are covered in our short video with CIPS (The Chartered Institution of Procurement & Supply).  We’re already seeing serious interest from researchers and funding agencies we work with, across a range of different academic disciplines.

We are setting up an Observatory at Strategic Blue, to watch and report on the progress of Quantum Computing in the Cloud, as it progresses through the Technology Readiness Levels, and as we help the cloud providers prepare the cloud market for adoption.

Over the coming months and years, we plan to document our team’s experience of getting up to speed on quantum theory, quantum computing, cloud-based delivery of quantum computing and its varied commercial applications.

We’d love to take you on this journey with us, and there are multiple ways you can get involved.

Quantum Curious

For those of you who are curious about what quantum computing is, how ready for market it is, how it will impact society and more, please follow Strategic Blue on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our Podcast to get regular updates.

Quantum Cloud Sprites

For those of you already active in quantum computing, whether as a researcher, or as an industrial applied scientist or developer leveraging quantum computing services like Amazon Braket in a commercial setting, please apply to become a Cloud Sprite on our Quantum Computing track.  We’re going to be organizing funding, both cloud credits and wherever possible cash grants for quantum computing research and for early adoption of quantum computing services in the cloud.  We feel this is a natural next step after providing cloud funding for COVID-19 research projects in the US and UK with our Cloud Fund to Fight COVID-19.  We’re also keen to highlight quantum researchers’ publications where they have leveraged quantum computing services in the cloud

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