We can optimise and manage your costs if you buy cloud directly from cloud providers, through us as a reseller, or with another partner.


Strategic Blue exists to help businesses buy cloud in smart, cost effective ways, whether directly as a reseller, or via outsourced optimisation, unlocking results that power you forward.

Many organisations fail to realise the full potential of the cloud. They don’t deliver against expectations, fail to get ahead of those around them and waste time and money. 

Our flexible approach means that you get the most value from your cloud spend. You also get the freedom to continue using relationships that work for you and to satisfy existing contracts with other suppliers.

Choice. Not compromise.

Strategic Blue as Your Cloud Reseller

Continue to use your existing cloud vendor agreement for (and to protect) technical service delivery. Your agreement with us simply replaces how, and what you pay for your cloud resources. 

As your cloud reseller, we bring a unique approach to cloud purchasing. Using the buying power and scale of our entire customer portfolio, we give you additional optimisation opportunities. Our cloud analytics helps you keep track of your vital stats and allows you to make evidence-based decisions.

Don’t Need a Cloud Reseller? No Problem.

If you are happy with your cloud reseller or would like to continue buying directly from your cloud provider, we can still help unlock additional savings and benefits.

We work alongside you to bring a new perspective, approach and tools to the control, management and optimisation of your cloud spend (Cloud FinOps). We’ll help you to unlock the most value from your investment in the cloud.

Minimal Access. Maximum Impact.

We don’t need access to the systems or data you hold in the cloud. We have no impact on the technical delivery or support of your cloud services. You will continue to own your cloud accounts.

We are here to help and simplify. All we need is read-only access to your cloud cost and usage information. From there, we’ll do the rest.

Our Consultancy Team

Expertise Tailored for You

We understand that every organisation is different. Our dedicated team is here to bring cloud financial management process and best practice (“Cloud FinOps”) to your organisation. They will help you understand potential areas for improvement and the return on investment you can expect.

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