Allow our team of FinOps experts to help you optimise your AWS cloud spend

As cloud financial operations (FinOps) experts, Strategic Blue focuses on three key areas which help you to buy cloud in the way you want, understand your cloud costs and continuously optimise your cloud costs.

We are currently offering FREE Savings reviews to selected organisations who we think could benefit from our FinOps services. These reviews analyse your cloud usage data and give you a score based on how well optimised you are. As well as this, they provide additional cost-saving recommendations and show you exactly how much you could save, with even greater savings available if you partnered with Strategic Blue.


Submit the form below and complete our 3 steps to receive your FREE review! 

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1. Create your AWS Cost & Usage Report

2. Provide Strategic Blue access to your report

3. Receive your Free Savings Review

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To create your FREE review, we only require access to your AWS usage information. If you don't have this information to hand, we will send you a simple step-by-step guide straight after you have completed the form below. This guide demonstrates how to create your Cost & Usage Report and grant Strategic Blue with read-only access to the S3 bucket holding your Cost & Usage Report in a matter of minutes. We will provide the details of access granted and you will decide when you wish to grant it and can revoke it at any time.

Once our experienced team of Financial Solution Architects have analysed your data, we will email you an evidence-based, easy-to-understand report validating your optimisation approach and showing you your potential savings.

Discover how much you could save…

Fill out the form below and you will instantly receive our support guide on how to create and grant Strategic Blue access to your AWS Cost & Usage Report.