Cloud Provider Required Terms

Leading national healthcare staffing company, Barton Associates, needed to track its cloud costs down to the penny.

In order to act as a Managed Service Provider, or a Reseller of cloud services, most Cloud Providers require certain terms, which are subject to change at the Cloud Provider’s discretion, to be flowed down to the customer.  These at least cover an Acceptable Use Policy, but there can be other terms too.  Cloud Provider Required Terms are generally identical to those offered by the Cloud Providers directly to customers.

Below are links to some of the Cloud Provider Required Terms, which are incorporated into the Cloud Purchase Agreement for Strategic Blue’s customers, for each of our primary supported Cloud Providers.  Others are available upon request. 

Amazon Web Services

Acceptable Use Policy
Customer Agreement
Service Terms (referenced by Customer Agreement)


Customer AgreementMicrosoft/agreement
Service Terms (referenced by Customer Agreement)Microsoft/service-terms

Google Cloud

Acceptable Use Policy 
Service Terms (Cloud)
Service Terms (WorkSpace)Google Workspace (Online) Agreement and Additional Product Terms