Founded in 2010

Our CEO Dr James Mitchell, who comes from a Renewable Energy background, had a wish to minimise the Carbon footprint of IT services. We believe this can be done by delivering efficient pricing and risk management services to the benefit of customers of cloud services globally.
Founded in 2010, ex Morgan Stanley UK Power Originator Dr James Mitchell started a journey to have his head in the clouds.

How it all started

James came up with the notion that Morgan Stanley should trade computer processor time, but then found out about cloud computing and later about Amazon Web Services.
The notion was that electricity would become the dominant cost driver for running computer servers at scale. Selling cloud computing on fixed price contracts could therefore act as a hedge to purchases of power on fixed price contracts from power generators. This was the same rationale that led banks to go from trading money to trading precious metals and coal and gas traders to trade electricity, and electricity traders to trade aluminium. The pricing is all related.

Looking to the future

Strategic Blue was funded as a project by Morgan Stanley for nearly two years, until it became clear we were far too early to market. Nevertheless, a series of investors believed it was a question of when, not if, cloud would become tradable like a commodity, along similar lines to how electricity markets developed.

Years later…

We support customers who range from individual university researchers through to global cloud resellers striking billion-dollar deals.

Case Studies