Why choose Strategic Blue to accelerate and optimise the procurement of your cloud resources?

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More and more businesses are moving to the cloud and are appreciating the exciting opportunities it provides. However, with the breadth of cloud services and their scalability, resources can be switched on as easily as a tap and this is why controlling cloud costs remains a top concern for businesses. 

As companies move more workloads over to the cloud, it becomes extremely easy to lose sight of the big picture and the associated costs. The cloud will affect a business’s ability to budget, forecast and manage the very real possibility of overspend and it will affect how costs will be attributed to particular projects, departments and applications.

Strategic Blue is a financial services organisation who are experts in cloud cost management and optimisation. We specialise in removing cloud procurement barriers and focus on three key areas which help you:

  • Buy cloud in the way you want: buy cloud on terms using processes that are aligned to your specific requirements. 
  • Understand what you’ve bought: obtain insight from cloud usage data that can be used to make evidence-based decisions on which investments provide value, quickly identify usage anomalies to mitigate the risk of overspend or unforeseen impacts of technical innovation. 
  • Maximise your investment: ensure you’re using cloud vendor pricing, promotions and incentives to their full potential to harness cloud capability as cost-effectively as possible.

Our unique finance-based approach to cloud allows our customers and partners to benefit from a collective buying power. This means that we’re able to deliver increased flexibility and additional savings which are not available when purchasing directly from cloud vendors.

Buy cloud in the way you want

Our Financial Adaptor services allow customers to buy cloud on their terms, and this additional flexibility maintains alignment with existing processes, procedures and legal terms to deliver reduced operational complexity. As a business, we believe that the procurement of the cloud need not limit your options when evaluating the best ways to deliver your business goals.

One of our longest standing customers, The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), are a great example of how our Financial Adaptor services are continuously helping businesses to overcome cloud procurement challenges. As a government body, APHA faced a number of cloud procurement hurdles, but with Strategic Blue’s help, they are able to use cloud resources efficiently.

“Strategic Blue have reduced our AWS costs while providing us with invaluable technical advice”.


Understand what you’ve bought

Our Clarity and Transparency suite of services translates cloud usage into data insight. We understand that businesses will only realise the potential that cloud promises if there is close collaboration between technical and financial teams. The tools which support our Clarity and Transparency services ensure that financial and technical teams have all of the information needed to communicate effectively, by providing a common reference in the language which each team understands.

One of our customers, Verato, required additional personalisation to their dashboard to help them to better understand their usage and cloud spend. Verato is a perfect example of how our Clarity and Transparency services can help simplify the procurement processes of the cloud.

“The bespoke dashboarding capabilities allow us to better understand our spending”.


Maximise your investment

The third key area Strategic Blue focuses on is helping customers to maximise their cloud investment. Our Managed Powered FinOps services ensure that your cloud environment is delivered as cost effectively as possible. We ensure our customers are maximising all of the benefits possible by appropriate use of cloud vendor pricing models, initiatives and promotions. Our unique approach helps customers benefit from additional economies of scale by managing all of our customer cloud resources as a combined portfolio.  

Our Managed FinOps services have helped many of our customers including KCOM, who wanted to optimise their cloud spend. We provided KCOM with tailored, evidence-based insights and created a custom action plan of change which was enforced to continually optimise costs.

“Their process and recommendations identified how to get the maximum benefit from our cloud spend”.

Graham Masterson, Cloud Consulting Lead, KCOM

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