Gain complete visibility and control of your cloud usage and spend


There is a significant risk of actually paying more for cloud than traditional infrastructure

The business case for cloud must be grounded in a clear understanding of cloud economics for both initial investment and ongoing financial governance and control.

Transparency, clarity and speaking the same language across Technology and Finance departments is imperative to ensure rapid and economic adoption that suits the business’ forward-looking demands.

Our analytics, dashboards and reports give you a clear breakdown of your cloud spend. You can make the link between spend and accountability for that spend. You can identify what resources you no longer need and where you can reduce the cost of those you do.

We provide the insights so you can make the right informed decisions

What we do

As a virtuous cycle, we also help you to buy cloud your way and optimise your cloud spend

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Buy Cloud, Your Way

Enjoy the freedom of the cloud, without redesigning your procurement process.

Buy Cloud, Your Way

Includes beneficial payment terms and commitment durations, alternative currencies and more…
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Track Your Vital Stats

See and understand your cloud usage, spend and value with an insights-driven dashboard.

Track Your Vital Stats

Simplified cloud billing and ready made dashboards tailored to help both finance and technical teams…
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Optimise Your Spend

Unique ways to save money and effort in maximising the value of cloud.

Optimise Your Spend

Includes savings not accessible directly from cloud vendors and continual reviews against changing pricing and promotions…
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Lift your head above the clouds and see what’s possible…

How to avoid spending surprises

Buy cloud, your way like the University of York

How Form3 unlocked unique savings

Realise unique flexibility and savings through collective buying power

Stronger Together

Strategic Blue uses cloud vendor pricing models and resale programs to deliver unique flexibility and savings not possible when purchasing individually. By aggregating consumption into a single portfolio we create direct flexibility and savings benefits to our customers and partners. It also makes it possible to offer many of our services on a free of charge, value add basis.


Superior Savings

As this saving potential is only possible through the collective we share the benefits with the collective. This enables us to offer like for like pricing on resources where pre-paid commitments can be made that is superior to purchasing direct from the cloud vendor. It also means many of our other services can be provided without any management fee.


Increased Flexibility

The portfolio effect allows us to buy on cloud vendor terms and sell on terms to suit our customers. These terms can vary on payment profile or, most uniquely, duration. Rather than the standard 1 or 3 year terms we offer commitments and savings on terms from 3 to 36 months and literally everything between to minimise the proportion of spend at the premium On-Demand rates in even the most obscure business objective or use case.