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When searching for technical solutions to organisational requirements cloud is rarely, if ever, the only option. It is also true to say that it is not always the cheapest option either. So what has caused such widespread growth in its adoption and how do you maximise your chances of success in realising that? 

One of the key reasons is the access cloud provides an ever-growing and developing a catalogue of technical services. These are available at a global scale and can easily be added to or replace elements of an organisation’s digital environment. This affords a great opportunity for cloud users to not only deliver the required solution but to build on it, be that for greater security, resilience, performance or functionality for example. From this freedom can come a flexible, agile environment that fuels innovation such that the technology platform becomes an organisational enabler, rather than inhibitor.

Just because cloud can provide such an environment it does not mean it will. To realise this benefit, organisations must be prepared to invest in understanding the potential that existing and new cloud services offer them and how they can reliably be incorporated into their running operations. They must do this, not only when initially migrating to the cloud to reduce the risk of immediate failure but as a continual process to avoid losing one of the key values of cloud.  

Even if factors other than just cost alone are considered in the case for cloud deployment, once operating in the cloud, cost typically becomes one of, if not, the most significant measure by which it is judged. Whether this judgment strikes the right balance between cost and value creation is a separate debate. 

At Strategic Blue we understand the emphasis many organisations place on cost when evaluating cloud adoption and ongoing operation and have built our FinOps Service Suite to support this. Firstly we remove the procurement barriers to the cloud (”Financial Adaptor”), we then provide clear insight into cloud spend trends and anomalies (“Clarity & Transparency”) and finally using a range of techniques we ensure cloud spend remains optimal (“People Powered FinOps”). 

Particularly relevant to the creation of a flexible and agile environment are our “Treasure Hunting” and “Commit Your Way” services. These services are based on generating value for our customers based on the fact that cloud providers create financial incentives to support and drive cloud adoption. 

Treasure Hunting is the service through which we match proof of concept, migration and new product funds and discounts the cloud providers available at any given time with the activities and requirements of our customers. Where a match is found we then maximise the chances of successful applications for such funds and discounts. Cloud providers offer significant discounts in exchange for 1 or 3-year customer commitments to resource and service usage. Through Commit Your Way we offer discounts for commitments anywhere from 3 to 36 months. This allows our customers to more precisely strike the balance that works best for them between greater flexibility/higher cost and lesser flexibility/lower cost. 

Creating a cost-effective means of exploring new capabilities and efficiently transitioning from old to new helps organisations preserve the cloud’s ability to act as an enabler. This helps ensure cloud deployments harness the power that differentiates the cloud from other technology platforms.

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