Strategic Blue is delighted to announce that we have signed a teaming agreement with Procurement Advantage. Procurement Advantage has a very experienced team of procurement professionals, who have led procurement activities at companies like Virgin, PWC and Apple. The outsourced procurement approach they take, is based on supplier service, trust and relationships. Their principal focus is on lowering costs quickly, whilst maintaining or improving service and respecting the ESG principles needed across the supply base. Their award winning, innovative, and proven procurement approach to indirect spend categories has been successfully used over the last 10 years with a number UK companies.

They recognise that introducing new supply arrangements to the board members of contracted companies is a change management exercise and therefore needs to deal with the challenges that will be faced including:

  • Minimising the time required.
  • Leaving the management teams in control of whether they wish to take value improvements identified from a particular spend area, e.g. Telecoms.
  • Starting with one spend area on a gain share approach, payment is thus based on value delivered.
  • Helping understand through benchmarking the procurement value enhancement opportunity that is available.   

For more information, visit Procurement Advantage’s website and LinkedIn page where there are useful links to thought leadership articles and webinars, or alternatively email [email protected].