Strategic Blue supports UN Global Working Group on Big Data

United Nations Global Working Group (UN GWG) on Big Data has engaged Strategic Blue for help designing its procurement of public cloud IaaS services.

The UN Global Working Group on Big Data for official statistics was created in 2014 by the UN Statistical Commission.  It explores the benefits and challenges of new data sources and technologies for use in official statistics.

Forging Partnerships in Big Data

Access to Big Data sources and forging partnerships with other public and private organisations in order to work with Big Data is becoming ever more important to national statistical systems across the globe for fulfilling their mission in society. They have a mandate to collaborate rather than compete with the private sector, while remaining impartial and independent.

The objectives for the UN GWG are to facilitate access to Big Data sources for official statistics and to form partnerships with other public and private organisations in order to work with Big Data. UN GWG is building a Global Platform for data, services and applications to achieve these objectives.

Experts in Cloud Procurement

At Strategic Blue, we are experts in procurement of public cloud IaaS.  The UN GWG on Big Data has engaged us to design the most effective and impartial way for the UN Global Platform to procure IaaS from multiple cloud vendors. 

Multi-, Public Cloud

The major hyper-scale cloud providers expected to contribute to the UN Global Platform include Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Compute Platform and Microsoft Azure.

The Global Platform will offer to the official statistical community technology infrastructure for data innovation addressing the need for a global hub:

  • for official statisticians, data scientists and domain experts from the public and private sector to exchange ideas and methods for processing, analysing and visualising Big Data;
  • to store Big Data, and related processing, analysing and visualising methodology, and services and applications for continuous development and re-use;
  • to demonstrate the value of Big Data in better decision-making through official statistics through pilots and case studies;
  • for training materials and workshops on Big Data.

At Strategic Blue, we are excited to be an key partner in this exciting UN project. We will be supporting the design for the procurement of the extensive multi-cloud public IaaS powering the UN Global Platform.

For more information on the UN Global Platform for Official Statistics, please visit

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