Strategic Blue appoints Carl Allen as new CEO

Strategic Blue is delighted to announce that Carl Allen has been appointed as its new CEO. Carl takes over the helm from Strategic Blue’s founding CEO, Dr. James Mitchell, who becomes President & Chief Strategy Officer.

James has grown Strategic Blue from its founding in 2010 to become the successful Fintech business that it is today. As President & Chief Strategy Officer, James will continue to play a vital role, retaining responsibility for high-level strategy and thought leadership. As a former biological physicist, turned commodities trader, he will remain heavily involved with both our scientific research customers and FinTech customers, helping them access the scalable benefits of cloud at the best possible price point.

When I asked our Chairman to find a CEO who could lead the company alongside me, I provided a shopping list of required qualities and capabilities. In Carl, I feel we have found a wonderfully complementary partner with whom to lead Strategic Blue. In fact, I’m astounded to say that I’m feeling very comfortable about handing him the keys, so he can drive and I can navigate! Now Carl’s behind the wheel, we’ve got some ambitious growth plans, and I think we’ll see some serious acceleration to exceed them!” – Dr James Mitchell, Founder, President & Chief Strategy Officer.

Carl will be leading the company through this next exciting phase of growth and will help us to accelerate across all areas of the business. As an experienced business leader, Carl has international expertise in leading private equity start-ups, mid-sized companies and divisions of large global enterprises including at IBM. He specialises in business management and P&L management, and the combination of his experience, culture and drive makes him an excellent addition to the Strategic Blue team.

Strategic Blue plays an important and exciting role in the cloud marketplace. It occupies the strategic space between Clouds, ensuring clients get the optimal value for their Cloud investments, both at purchase and on an ongoing basis. According to a McKinsey report in February 2021, enterprises have the potential to save $1trn in EBITDA leveraging cloud by 2030. We help our clients and partners unlock this value, avoid unwelcome spending surprises and stay cost competitive in their respective markets. We have a tremendously talented team, supportive board, investors and advisers and I am very honoured to be taking this exciting journey of growth with the business.”– Carl Allen, CEO, Strategic Blue.

Carl will work alongside President & CSO James Mitchell, CFO Gary Ambrose and COO Mike Smith to accelerate our vision to help organisations of all sizes benefit from optimal value and visibility of cloud spend, whilst reducing the impact on our environment.

To find out how we can help optimise your cloud costs and deliver ongoing cloud spend visibility, watch our short video here!

About Strategic Blue

Founded in 2010, Strategic Blue is a financial services organisation specialising exclusively in cloud procurement, cost management and optimisation. We provide Cloud Financial Operations, “Cloud FinOps”, services to cloud customers directly and via our partners.

Our services allow cloud customers to buy in the way they want, understand their cloud usage and continually optimise their cloud costs. We also allow our customers to benefit from additional discounts not accessible directly from cloud vendors.

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