Simplify the process to define real costs for complex infrastructures.

Software as a service has totally changed how people interact with their IT estate, allowing companies to make huge advances in their transformation without the heavy lifting of migrating and maintaining their own applications. Paying on a per-month basis can certainly make things simpler for the customer, but for the supplier truly understanding their costs is becoming increasingly difficult. This is where Strategic Blue can help.

How does this work?

Clarity and Transparency on costs

At Strategic Blue, we understand that the billing data coming from your cloud providers is massive and complex. We work with our customers to help create meaning from all of this data. We create dashboards, backing sheets and invoices that are meaningful to the technology and finance teams alike. All of this is topped off by our cost optimization teams looking at how to further reduce costs for your infrastructure,directly benefiting your profitability.

Supporting new ways to Go To Market

Strategic Blue understands markets, whether this be our background in the electricity market, our work to create a cloud trading market, or the ways our customers build markets for their own services. As such Strategic Blue helps SaaS organisations using AWS Marketplace, where specially priced offers can be put forward to individual customers or target sectors. Strategic Blue can help you get an easy-to-consume offer out to anyone, using the brilliant functionality of the AWS Marketplace.

With Strategic Blue you can

  • Reduce costs for your infrastructure
  • Overcome internal challenges understanding cloud costs
  • Remove the internal headache of looking for cost savings
  • Create Dashboards to give visibility and insight into your usage data
  • Support selling via AWS marketplace
  • Allow you to pay for the cloud on terms that suit you