Make cloud vendor pricing work for you and realise additional economies of scale.

As experts in sophisticated cloud procurement, we offer unique value added cloud resale. As one component of that, our FinOps Managed Services ensure your cloud environment is delivered as cost-effectively as possible.

First we ensure you are maximising the benefits possible by appropriate use of cloud vendor pricing models, initiatives and promotions. We then use our unique approach to ensure you benefit from additional economies of scale possible by our management of all our customers’ cloud resources as a combined portfolio.

Outsourced cost optimisation, assurance, risk management and governance delivered in partnership with your teams

  • Continual review against changing cloud vendor pricing, promotion and initiative landscape
  • Additional savings buying as a collective
  • Minimal access required to deliver service and value (read-only access to cost and utilisation reports)
  • Clear process to audit and validate consumption and procurement decisions
  • Financial Solution Architects who understand finance and technology

Realise unique flexibility and savings through collective buying power

Stronger Together

Strategic Blue uses cloud vendor pricing models and resale programs to deliver unique flexibility and savings not possible when purchasing individually. By aggregating consumption into a single portfolio we create direct flexibility and savings benefits to our customers and partners. It also makes it possible to offer many of our services on a free of charge, value add basis

Superior Savings

As this saving potential is only possible through the collective we share the benefits with the collective. This enables us to offer like for like pricing on resources where pre-paid commitments can be made that is superior to purchasing direct from the cloud vendor. It also means many of our other services can be provided without any management fee.

Increased Flexibility

The portfolio effect allows us to buy on cloud vendor terms and sell on terms to suit our customers.