Do not allow procurement terms to dictate your options to innovate and adapt.

As experts in sophisticated cloud procurement, we offer unique value added cloud resale. As one component of that our Financial Adaptor suite of services allows our customers to buy cloud on their terms. This additional flexibility maintains alignment with existing processes, procedures and legal terms to deliver reduced operational complexity.

As a result the procurement of cloud need not limit your options when evaluating the best ways to deliver your required outcomes.

With Strategic Blue in your cloud billing chain you can buy cloud in the way you want

  • 15-120 day payment terms
  • Pay upfront via Cloud Credits
  • Flexible commitments from 3-36 months (minimize on-demand premium paid)
  • Pay by Purchase Order (or any other current finance procedure)
  • Pay in your preferred currency
  • Standardised Monthly Payments (with periodic true-ups)
  • Unified approach across cloud providers

Realise unique flexibility and savings through collective buying power

Stronger Together

Strategic Blue uses cloud vendor pricing models and resale programs to deliver unique flexibility and savings not possible when purchasing individually. By aggregating consumption into a single portfolio we create direct flexibility and savings benefits to our customers and partners. It also makes it possible to offer many of our services on a free of charge, value add basis.

Flexible Billing

Ask us about anything that requires unusual billing processes. We offer qualifying customers up to 120 days to pay their cloud invoices. At the opposite end, we help customers who need to pay up to three years of estimated bills upfront. Also, we help customers receive their cloud invoice before the end of a usage month. This enables them to pay on 30 days terms.

Terms to Suit You

With Strategic Blue in the billing chain, we ensure each customer can buy cloud on terms tailored to their individual needs. We specialise in non-standard requests for cloud procurement.