Want to buy cloud in a different currency? Need flexibility on commitment terms? Or need finance? We can help.

Strategic Blue listen to customers’ restrictions on how they need to procure cloud. By helping them adapt internal policies around CAPEX and OPEX, we overcome technical hurdles by stepping into the billing chain. By offering flexible billing, access to finance and risk capital, we accelerate cloud procurement and optimise cloud migrations.

How does this work?

Financial Adaptor for Cloud

We are the Financial Adaptor to cloud. We accommodate customer requests that are not available from their cloud vendor. Whether that is needing to buy in a different currency, needing flexibility on commitment terms or wanting finance, we can help.

Flexible Billing

Ask us about anything that requires unusual billing processes. We offer qualifying customers up to 120 days to pay their cloud invoices. At the opposite end, we help customers who need to pay up to three years of estimated bills upfront. Also, we help customers receive their cloud invoice before the end of a usage month. This enables them to pay on 30 days terms.

Terms to Suit You

With Strategic Blue in the billing chain, we ensure each customer can buy cloud on terms tailored to their individual needs. We specialise in non-standard requests for cloud procurement.

What Strategic Blue
can help with

  • Extended payment terms for cloud invoices
  • Estimated cloud invoices issued mid-month
  • Financed reserved instances on a term to suit your needs
  • Financing available if you prefer to avoid upfront payments
  • The means to be able to buy cloud in a different currency
  • Tailored contracts to suit your needs
  • Cloud usage forecasting support