Partner FinOps

A Strategic Blue Service Description for FinOps Outsourcing to Partners

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Cloud Financial Operations, FinOps, is the use of Financial techniques and modelling to allow End Customers to procure cloud on their terms as opposed to being bound by the terms of the Cloud Vendor. Facilitating cloud consumption in this way not only makes it easier for End Customers to access the technical power of cloud but to do so in a cost effective and controlled manner.

Strategic Blue’s “FinOps Outsourcing for Partners” enables our Partners to deliver the benefits of FinOps to their End Customers in a flexible and modular framework. The framework has been designed to allow Partners to select which benefits they wish to offer to End Customers and to control the extent to which they take ownership of the final delivery of those benefits. The greater the ownership, the greater the potential margins.

In this way our Partners can add points of differentiation to further support their acquisition, development and retention of End Customers whilst also removing the cost and complexity found in billing End Customers and potentially increasing margin on Cloud Resale to End Customers.

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