The shared nature of the threat posed by Coronavirus has highlighted the value of community. There are heartwarming examples of this appearing on a daily basis as we come together to protect and support each other.

We will come out of this crisis and we will rebuild to shape a future we cannot yet predict. Part of that rebuilding will include the economy. As businesses, in order to do that we will first need just to survive and then quickly learn how to adapt effectively to whatever the new normal entails. At Strategic Blue we are dedicated to playing our part in supporting this recovery by bringing what we can to the business community. 

To survive, cash can be considered king but, in the fight to adapt, could cloud be its queen? Cloud provides a great opportunity to support agility and innovation. If your strategy includes or could include the cloud, we specialise in the finance and risk management of cloud procurement and optimisation and would welcome the opportunity to help.

Our services can broadly be summarised in three areas:

  • Buy in the way you want: buy cloud on terms and using processes that are aligned to your requirements, not just the standards the cloud vendors provide.
  • Understand what you’ve bought: obtain insight from cloud usage data that can be used to make evidence-based decisions on which investments provide value, quickly identify usage anomalies to mitigate the risk of overspend or unforeseen impacts of technical innovation.
  • Maximise your investment: ensure you are using cloud vendor pricing, promotions and incentives to their full potential to harness cloud capability as cost-effectively as possible.

We take a unique finance-based approach to cloud to allow our customers and partners to benefit from a collective buying power. With the economy of scale, this provides we deliver increased flexibility and additional savings not available directly from the cloud vendors. In these uncertain times where cash and agility are so important, this provides a great combination to mitigate the risk of innovating to first survive and then thrive.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss cloud with you to quantify where, how and how much we can help.

To learn more about Cloud Cost Management please read our white paper found here.