Longview builds leading software packages for finance and tax teams and required help during a location migration for its cloud-based service.

Longview builds leading software packages that drive competitive advantages for finance and tax teams. Longview’s software is designed to drive speed, accuracy and productivity whilst delivering critical insights from vast and disparate data points.

The merger of Longview and Tidemark brought 25+ years of corporate planning knowledge with Tidemark’s state of the art cloud-based platform, to deliver the most robust and innovative corporate planning solutions in the market. As such, it is imperative that Longview ensure effective management of their cloud spend. By working with Strategic Blue, experts in cloud procurement, they have access to additional flexible resource. This includes advice, methodology and pricing that is not available by going direct to the cloud vendor.

Longview saved 20% on its total AWS spend

Longview is a long-standing customer

We leveraged unique savings for Longview


Between 2018 and 2019, Longview undertook a location migration for their cloud-based service, and if you have undergone migrations you will know that they can be costly, both in time and money.

The key challenge for Longview was not to fall to the highest On-Demand tariff for cloud costs. Longview had become used to the savings that Strategic Blue had managed to provide and therefore reverting back to on-demand was not an option within the budget. To make matters even more complicated, Longview had a lot of their committed usage coming to an end and needed this to be managed by Strategic Blue to ensure a seamless migration and commitment alignment, as this would result in the best saving outcome.


The outcome is that Longview has managed to save a significant amount of money on their cloud costs through Strategic Blue, especially in sensitive transition periods as laid out above. During the migration Longview had access to Strategic Blue’s customer success team who, as a managed service, assisted with complicated finances behind cloud computing, letting Longview concentrate on the migration. Over the course of the relationship, Longview has managed to reduce their cloud costs significantly. Currently, Longview is saving 20% on their total AWS spend thanks to the flexible and better-priced commitments through Strategic Blue. As a company, Strategic Blue will continue to guide Longview towards unlocking further savings through technical advice, further commitments and campaigning for credits.


As an existing supplier, Longview knew Strategic Blue would continue to bring costs down whilst moving through a location migration and conducting a series of reviews before, during and post-completion. Strategic Blue also had the ability to split the resource requirements and commitments into a number of different groupings, iterations, and timings that would work best for Longview and that were very flexible – keeping costs to a minimum.

Due to the nature of migrations, they needed to work with a company that was flexible to any unforeseen timeframes and requirements and able to present other solutions that may not be immediately obvious as the price is competitive for workflows. Strategic Blue was available at Longview’s convenience to offer independent analysis via its in-house software. This means that we could provide Longview’s requirements and offer additional suggestions on resources, quantity optimization, utilization, and bespoke pricing to leverage savings that wouldn’t be available direct from the cloud vendor.

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