Kentucky University selects Strategic Blue

The University of Kentucky have announced the appointment of Strategic Blue as their financial cloud brokers, following the successful completion of a competitive RFP process.

“We tendered for a financial cloud broker, to help us set up multi-cloud procurement to support migration of an entire datacenter to the cloud. Strategic Blue delivered by far the strongest response, and have been great to work with.”
Vince Kellen, CIO at the University of Kentucky.

Strategic Blue’s first task is to support the University of Kentucky in its soon to be announced Technical RFP to select multiple cloud vendors who can provide IaaS services for SAP amongst other applications. Once awards have been made, the financial side of managing those vendors will rest with Strategic Blue, as Kentucky wish to use our Cloud Options service to efficiently manage these cloud vendor relationships using the latest financial cloud brokerage best practice.

As soon-to-be major buyers of cloud IaaS, University of Kentucky also needs to understand how cloud is priced, and what they can expect from cloud pricing going forward.  To that end, the University of Kentucky will be taking advantage of our Pricing Insights service.

At Strategic Blue, we are very excited about this engagement, as it is the first time that we have found a customer who has looked at the full breadth of the Strategic Blue offering, and has said “Yes, I’ll be needing everything, please!” University of Kentucky ran a very thorough procurement process to select us as their financial cloud broker, and we found that this helped us to clearly articulate our services in terms that resonate with prospective cloud users. We hope our recent website redesign will articulate our value to others we may also be able to help.

We are looking forward to consolidating the various strands of our financial capabilities and delivering a joined up financial cloud brokerage service to the University of Kentucky.

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