KCOM is a UK communications and IT services provider that required help with its cloud resale operations and strategy.

KCOM Group is a UK communications and IT services provider with a rich heritage in telecommunications, connectivity and cloud technologies and a varied client base, ranging from Jaguar Land Rover and Rail Delivery Group to the RSPB and Furniture Village.

KCOM’s cloud business operates in the Enterprise, public sector and mid markets, focusing on connectivity to cloud, leveraging cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud native application development. With deep technical knowledge in several cloud platforms, KCOM has been helping customers realise the benefits of public cloud since 2010.

We provided KCOM with tailored, evidence-based insights into cloud resale

We created a custom action plan of change for KCOM

KCOM obtained new perspectives and approaches from our independent review


KCOM engaged Strategic Blue to review their cloud resale operations and strategy with a particular focus on three areas:

1) Identification of any barriers to scaling that might impede continued growth of the resale business and propose the means by which these could be removed
2) Guidance on how KCOM could take most advantage of AWS’ new Solution Provider Program, having recently upgraded from the Channel Reseller Program
3) Cost optimisation services to benefit end customers that would go a step beyond what is possible with traditional self-service tooling, that would be offered as a Managed Service, along with clearer financial reporting for KCOM’s own management


KCOM received tailored, evidence-based insights into cloud resale that were delivered in the form of a comprehensive report and a customised action plan of change and ongoing management activities. KCOM obtained new perspectives and approaches desired from an independent review. This has allowed them to further develop their cloud proposition with a business plan intended to offer a differentiated financial resale offering with appropriate risk measurement and mitigation. The collaborative engagement approach resulted in the development of a cloud resale strategy which can be used to provide competitive advantage, increased value from resale, additional savings to its customers and ensures alignment between resale and technical optimisation of end customer cloud usage.


Strategic Blue leveraged its FinOps (Financial Operations) Review consultancy framework to apply a structured, proven and collaborative approach to exploring KCOM’s cloud resale business. This included data collection and review, webinars, analysis and interviews with senior management. KCOM provided information on their cloud buy (from cloud vendors) and sell (to end customers) agreements; operational invoicing and payment processes; market proposition clarity and strength.

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