There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times, at home and at work. Much has changed already and much will continue to change for at least the short and medium term as we emerge and recover from this crisis. Previous ways of working; previous supply, demand and revenue levels and consistency may be changed forever. All this change is accompanied by risk, both in taking action and in taking no action: cost manage and drive productivity or invest to grow or innovate? 

Cloud offers great potential to many businesses across many applications at varied levels of maturity in the cloud adoption journey. That potential being in the flexible use of resources, at the required level of scale to access a staggering breadth of technical capabilities at global reach, available quickly and through short term controllable investments. However, whether already using cloud or considering a move to cloud it is important to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the current climate that risk surrendering control or creating friction with existing processes and procedures. 

At Strategic Blue we help our customers create sustainable cloud foundations on which they can build to derive future proof means of delivering additional business value. In the first instance we allow customers to buy cloud on their terms in a manner that fits their existing procurement preferences. That may be in extended payment terms, paying in different currencies or in managing the shift from CAPEX to OPEX for example. Our Treasure Hunting service provides visibility of and access to cloud vendor promotions, incentives and development funds. Combining this with our cost management and optimisation services significantly reduces the financial risk of investing in growth and/or innovation by providing or releasing capital for that investment. 

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss cloud with you to quantify where, how and how much we can help.

To see where this fits into the Cloud Cost Optimisation Maturity Model look at our white paper here.