We help partners bring additional value to their customers.


We work across a broad ecosystem of partners to help customers spend less, protecting profits and the planet at the same time

We work closely with cloud vendors, PE Funds and investment professionals, cloud migration partners and sustainability partners.

We make available our technology and expertise for partners to enable economic and societal benefits to a broad client base. Our partners choose how much, or how little, of their customers’ cloud procurement activities to outsource to us. This enables them to strike the balance that works for their customers between effort, control, reporting and cost efficiency.

How does this work?

Strategic Blue believe it’s important to focus on what you’re good at and work to remove distractions from achieving excellence in their speciality. Organisations across the world have that same challenge of finding a way to spend as much time on that field as possible. As such, Strategic Blue focus on the financial side of the cloud (FinOps).

We work with a multitude of partners generally categorised as below.

Working with Cloud Vendor Partners

We work closely with our cloud vendor partners, leveraging our services for their customers and unlocking additional value to help drive efficiency, transparency and adoption at scale.

Working with Cloud Migration Partners

Making the cloud work for the business requires both technical and financial expertise. We maintain a network of trusted cloud migration technical partners so that customers can access the right expertise at the right time.

As we only focus on the financial and non-technical aspects of cloud procurement, we are complementary to system integrators, IT consultancies and management consultancies and work alongside our partners to deliver the right value for our collective customers.

Working with Private Equity Funds, Investment Professionals and Their Portfolios

We work closely to create and optimise value for organisations. This is particularly key for businesses heavily reliant on cloud technology and scaling in a cost-effective manner.

We help PE funds and their portfolio companies reduce costs, increase enterprise value and provide ongoing financial cloud cost governance to ensure that the business scales efficiently in the cloud.

We also help investors in the due diligence process, helping to assess optimisation status pre-investment and where value can be created through our services post money.

Working with Sustainability Partners

Our mission is to help protect economic value and the planet at the same time. We have always had a passion for promoting renewable energy sources from our energy trading heritage. We combine our belief in the sustainability of the cloud with our expertise in making cloud adoption at scale efficient and removing as much wastage as possible. 

We actively seek out opportunities to maximise sustainability and work with sustainability partners so that customers can access the right expertise at the right time to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a sustainability perspective.

Some of Our Trusted Partners

Our FinOps services equally apply across any cloud use case and we welcome any partners with proven capabilities in specific technologies, solutions or sectors. Education is one area that is very close to our hearts at Strategic Blue. If you’re in the US and looking to use the cloud in your research, get in touch.

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