How our Financial Solution Architects can save you $30,000 per month on Cloud

Strategic Blue specialises in cloud financial operations (FinOps). This involves a heavy bias towards the financial aspects of cloud computing – the money, discounts and building environments from a cost-conscious perspective. Adopting this stance in such a technical industry, has meant we’ve had to find the right balance between financial know-how and technical ability. 

One of the ways that we’ve managed to bridge the gap between the financial and the technical is through the development of our Financial Solution Architect team (otherwise known as “FinSA’s”). This is a role at Strategic Blue which has become vital to the way we operate as a business and work with customers, providing Strategic Blue with the perfect balance between the technical aspects of cloud, but with a focus on the financial importance of decisions. 

Financial Solution Architects and our customers 

As with all Solution Architects, our FinSA’s are techy’s at heart, with backgrounds across migrations, managed services and designing complex infrastructures. At Strategic Blue we’ve had to encourage the FinSA team to always approach a problem from a financial perspective – in other words, considering financial implications, costs, and money flow. 

On a typical day, our FinSA’s will engage with our customers in an attempt to promote a ‘cost conscious’ mentality when it comes to building cloud solutions. This often involves customers asking our FinSA team to help with designing an environment, with a special focus on cost implications. Or it could be that our FinSA team has been brought in by a customer to review their current set-up and make recommendations that will help keep costs to a minimum. 

In a recent example for one of our commercial customers, our FinSA team noticed severe overspend on the provisioned IOPS, with the Strategic Blue recommendations able to save the customer close to $30k per month. This type of work has become invaluable to our customer base. 

Much of the FinSA’s findings and recommendations are then put into their customised report they provide to our customers on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending on customer requirements). This report has been designed to focus on cost-saving findings across the cloud services that our customer is using. For example, it might include a deep dive into their AWS DynamoDB costs, with recommendations on how best to set up the service in the most cost-effective manner. The report also includes an array of insights into generational upgrades, right-sizing and analysis into the different cloud regions location pricing – all of which play a key role in cloud costs and performance. 

Leveraging our Financial Solution Architects

It’s fair to say that our FinSA team has become an integral part of the Strategic Blue offering, and is one of our unique selling points to our customer base. If you’re a company that likes the sound of bridging the gap between the technical and the financial, and would like to see what Strategic Blue can do for you, please reach out and we’d be more than happy to explain Strategic Blue’s services and our FinSA team in more detail. To bring this to life, we can perform one of our free Savings reviews to outline how much you can save on your cloud costs with Strategic Blue! 

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