The Strategic Blue customer team has a number of different roles. From account management, financial solution architects, pricing experts and Customer Success Managers. We find that this four-pronged approach provides our customers with everything they need. From getting started on their cloud FinOps journey, to becoming mature cloud FinOps customers. 

The Customer Success Manager ‘CSM’ is a role that has increased in significance over the last few years due to our growing customer base. Rather than being focused on customer sales or technical delivery, the CSM is the customers’ internal advocate within Strategic Blue. They coordinate various spinning plates to ensure that the service the customer is getting is of the highest standard. You can think of a CSM as your very own Strategic Blue champion. They will do everything in their power to make your (and your company’s) cloud FinOps journey a success. Whilst not always being at the forefront of all customer interactions, the CSM team is a huge part of the People Powered FinOps service at Strategic Blue. Without them, much of the Strategic Blue offering wouldn’t be possible. 

The art of paying-attention-as-a-service

One of the key defining aspects of the CSM team is the ability to spot changes as soon as they happen. This attention to detail for our customers is invaluable. It allows our customer base to make informed decisions as quickly as possible. Internally, we often refer to this as ‘paying-attention-as-a-service’.

Cloud is incredibly scalable and dynamic. So for customers to focus on technical delivery, as well as having the time to pay attention to the trends in usage, spend and savings can be nigh impossible. The CSM team is dedicated to knowing the customer inside out. Including knowing what to expect on a regular basis, and knowing which pain points to look out for. Whether it’s overspend risk alerting or tracking a customer’s cloud credits to ensure they remain on budget, the CSM team keeps on top of all the jobs a customer may not be able to focus on.

Tailoring our service in a way that best suits the customer

Cloud vendors often adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This makes sense as the cloud vendors have to provide scalable ways to implement solutions across an array of customers. 

However, the CSM team at Strategic Blue has been trained to approach customer problems with a different hat on. Rather than expecting our customers to fit into a black and white service offering, we provide a service that can be tailored for each of our customer’s use-cases. For instance, our education customers in the public sector are likely to have starkly different requirements than our commercial customers. Similarly, some customers want weekly contact points, whereas others are far more self-sufficient and prefer less frequent interaction. 

The tailoring of the CSM service is best epitomised through our Clarity and Transparency offering, which provides customers with a dashboard that can be tailored to meet their needs. Different teams require different types of information. Therefore, the CSM team ensuress that all of our customers get the information that best helps their specific use case. 

The CSM Team can help you on your Cloud FinOps journey

If you’re interested in learning more about Strategic Blue and how we can help you on your cloud FinOps journey, please reach out. We take the workload off your hands and enable you to mould the type of service you receive. This makes for the perfect combination to drive cost savings and visibility.