Google Cloud Cost Optimization

Our Technology

At Strategic Blue, our technology is working for you. We have carefully designed our technological infrastructure so that it provides invaluable insights to you that will help you advance and improve your cloud usage and procurement. To help you succeed and grow, we can provide with you powerful insights into your cloud environments so that you can accurately forecast and make commitments for all future usage. 

Custom-built software that will optimise your cloud costs!

Even though the benefits of cloud are easy to realise, the nature of cloud utilisation can result in uncontrollable cloud costs that will require an utterly new approach to optimise and manage spending. Strategic Blue understands that there is no cookie-cutter approach to cloud cost control. Just as every business we work with is different, so must be the services we provide to them. For this reason, we use unique and custom-built software that allows us review, analyse, and predict your cloud environment. With these insights, we then create bespoke purchasing terms which create a balance between available price savings and the level of commitment needed. By doing this, we truly tailor our services to each individual client. Our Financial Solution Experts carefully take the time to get to know each business, their goals, price points, and cloud demands so that we ensure that all of your needs are met while still optimising cloud cost. 

Our custom software will allow us to…

  • Identify areas where you are waste spending so that we can help you eliminate waste and terminate any idle resources. 
  • Realise instant savings in cloud and operating costs by deploying the right resources at best cost.
  • Design automated waster prevention to save money and further eliminate waste.
  • Provide real-time insights so we can collaborate with you to reduce cloud costs going forward.
  • Utilise tagging as a means of ongoing cost management.
  • Prevent or eliminate budget overruns by billing previews and adjustments. 

This how it works

Decision Led By Data

Our Financial Solution Experts will create a work environment with you that is primed with clarity and transparency. We do this so that you understand what is happening every step of the way and can see precisely how we arrive at the recommendations that we provide to you. Better understanding of our process will help you feel confident and comfortable when working with us.  Our recommendations are based on the information that we acquire from our advanced custom software that analyses your cloud usage. By using the mined cloud data and expert analysis, we can provide you with insights and recommendations that will help you make the best-informed decisions. 

The data we mine will allow us to…

  • Terminate any unused storage, and idle compute resources• Use reversed instances effectively
  • Identify any abnormal patterns of usage that are increasing costs• Correct size all over-provisioned resources
  • Track and monitor cost savings from actions that are optimised. 

An Approach that is Scalable and Consistent 

We designed, built, and tested the software that we use in-house. Having such unique and custom technology allows us the provide one-of-a-kind services that are unparalleled in the industry. Our software is designed to be continuously deployed and integrated, and it is also cloud-native and can be scaled to your business’s needs quickly and easily. By building our own software, we have superior control and consistency that is needed so we can maintain a laser focus on our customer’s needs.

Expert Training

Strategic Blue’s Financial Solutions Experts receive comprehensive training that allows them to provide you with the information and recommendations that you need. They will skilfully examine your total cloud strategy, the tools you are utilising to support your cloud cost management, and the architecture of the applications you run. With this information and the insights that are mined with our bespoke software, our staff will use their training to craft a truly tailored plan that will focus on cloud cost control, flexibility, and overall savings. By using a transparent approach, they will help you understand exactly how the plan was created and how we arrived at each recommendation. 

Outstanding Customer Service

At Strategic Blue, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to our customers. We will work one on one with you to build trust and to help you understand the thought process behind our recommendations, as well as help you create bespoke cloud governance for cost and payments. Simply put, cloud governance is the rules that your company uses to operate in the cloud. We will assist you in defining how much you spend on the cloud and then help you create a payment structure that works best to promote your success. Your dedicated Financial Solutions Expert will also be in contact with you every step of the way to answer any questions that you have and to make adjustments as needed. 

What our customers are saying…

“Before working with Strategic Blue, I was convinced that we had eliminated all possible waste and were utilising cloud effectively. Then they met with us and reviewed our procedures, and processes. Afterward, we sat down with them to discuss their findings and recommendations and I was astonished at what they discovered. Not only did that help us procure cloud that we needed, but they helped us optimise our use of cloud to run more efficiently. As such, I am tremendously pleased and impressed with Strategic Blue.”

Emily, Manchester

“What I appreciate most in dealing with Strategic Blue is that they got to know my business. They didn’t try to sell me a standard package like some others. In fact, they encouraged us to ask for the impossible, and we did! And, they delivered. They set us up with a 120-day payment option from day one and then helped us merge to a 30-day payment cycle. On top of all that, they helped us cut our cloud costs by 20% or more. Working with Strategic Blue has truly improved our 3rd quarter!” 

Ahmed, Leeds