Exciting additions to the Strategic Blue Partner Network

At Strategic Blue we are dedicated to supporting organisations adopting cloud. We understand that there are many specialisms required to maximise the opportunity cloud presents. Our partner network is therefore very important to us in complementing our financial expertise with the technical services of trusted technology partners.  We work with the major cloud providers to select and introduce, when required, the right partners to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

We are happy to announce the recent addition of three new members with very different technical specialism to our partner network: they are Pitch Black Pikka, Kinect Consulting and Applied Cloud Systems.

Pitch Black Pikka is a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Consultancy. ML and AI represent an exciting growth area that most data-driven organisations need to build into their business processes to deliver value and maintain a competitive edge. However, for business executives overwhelmed by the tsunami of technological change facing them,  it can be difficult to understand how best to harness and then deliver on this potential. Pitch Black Pikka seeks to address this, helping business executives get up to speed on ML & AI so that they can approve the right funding and resources to the right projects.  At a high level these consulting services are: 

  • Discovery: training in understanding the potential of ML & AI
  • Validation: exploring the feasibility of customer ML & AI projects
  • Delivery: building appropriately skilled team-members and relevant services

Kinect Consulting is a cross-functional team of experts in all things (people, process and technology) for the cloud. Serving a wide range of industries across sectors, the firm supports complex enterprises in successfully navigating the cloud journey to modernize and transform. Areas of particular expertise include large scale cloud migrations; security and compliance in highly regulated industries; aggregating massive amounts of data from disparate sources and making it actionable at whatever speed is required; monitoring and managing performance so that systems move faster, break less, and cost less; and implementing DevSecOps to enable better, secure software to be developed faster.

Applied Cloud Systems is a Microsoft Managed Gold partner leading digital transformation and optimisation programs transitioning to cloud/hybrid platforms. With expertise in Azure Infrastructure and Platform Services, Office 365, PowerBI and Dynamics 365 it focuses on the strategic areas of Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications & Infrastructure and Data & AI. Applied Cloud Systems uses its proven Agile Implementation Methodology to collaborate with and guide its customers through the planning and implementation process needed to meet their goals. 

Our partners have signed up to the Strategic Blue partner network agreement on the basis of being customer-obsessed. There are no referral fees or obligations on when introductions or recommendations should be made by either party. The only obligations it defines are post-introduction to ensure that the quality of response and any services delivered can be verified. This ensures a customer-obsessed network in which all partners are incentivised to collaborate across specialities to maintain the highest delivery standards for our customers. 

Strategic Blue is a financial enabler of cloud adoption. Our expertise and focus include offering flexible procurement models; enabling and providing consumption governance and control and optimising cloud spend by both leveraging and enhancing the pricing frameworks and discounts available from the cloud vendors. 

We welcome Pitch Black PikkaKinect Consulting and Applied Cloud Systems and look forward to seeing what our customers are able to achieve together.

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