Dr. Sanjay Padhi joins Strategic Blue advisory board

At Strategic Blue, some of our customers running the most exciting workloads in the cloud are universities, research institutes and science-focused startups. It is therefore with great excitement that we welcome to our Advisory Board Dr. Sanjay Padhi – a distinguished physicist who led various scientific and computational projects at CERN and Brookhaven National Lab, and has spent the last five years at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their Head of AWS Research. His new day job is as Chief Technologist and Executive Vice President at Tag.bio.

We asked Dr Padhi to explain why cloud adoption is so important for accelerating science.

“If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it is that institutions across the world face barriers in sharing, analysing and integrating (health) data at every level, including at the patient and population scale. The major barrier to bringing personal healthcare to the community is no longer the cost, but is infrastructure. Federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation are leading the path towards a national research cloud with AI to solve these issues with an increase in funding and support.”

We also asked Sanjay what persuaded him to join Strategic Blue’s Advisory Board.

“I’ve been collaborating with Strategic Blue for a while now. I’ve seen how they have supported customers like University of California San Diego and CERN with their cloud journey. Their approach to cloud FinOps is really unique, and I wasn’t surprised that their collaboration with UC San Diego’s CloudBank was one of the key ingredients to winning the NSF’s hotly contested Cloud Access solicitation. I want to help universities and research institutions large and small support their researchers in adopting advancements in technology that cloud offers, and I see advising Strategic Blue as a great way to do that.”

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