The current economic climate is full of uncertainty. With the information available and the lack of any real precedents to use for guidance, evaluating impact and the best actions to take is a real challenge. With so many factors outside our sphere of influence it can appear overwhelming and at times even hopeless. To avoid the feeling of drowning we can look to the areas we can influence and exert control there. As the situation unfolds more information will emerge and we can layer on more and broader control. 

One area of control Strategic Blue provides to its customers is in cloud cost management and key to this control is financial clarity. In cloud the gulf that often exists between technical and financial teams can provide a barrier to this financial clarity. With teams typically speaking completely different languages, with different priorities and sensitivities, establishing and understanding a spend vs value baseline can be difficult. In these particularly volatile and challenging times, providing such a benchmark is vital in understanding the impact of cost management initiatives and guiding decisions on how to adapt.

Having created such a benchmark it becomes easier to evaluate potential short-term cost reductions and prioritise areas of spend to protect, reduce or eliminate. Our Financial Solution Architects work with you and the results from our analytics tooling to provide insight into your cloud spend and utilisation to help you form and act on this benchmark. Although our focus is on the financial side of cloud our Engineers have technical backgrounds that enable them to create that bridge between technical and financial teams. Our insight can therefore be presented in a common language that is understandable to and accounts for the different priorities of those approaching cloud adoption from very different perspectives. This creates an effective feedback loop enabling teams to appreciate the demands each faces and work together in an environment in which decisions, design principles, investments and optimisation strategies can be appropriately informed.

Our unique approach to cloud enables us to offer many of our services, including cost management and transparency, free of charge.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you gain the control and visibility you need to help manage the uncertainty Coronavirus has created. 

To see how this fits into your cloud cost management please read out white paper here.