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Strategic Blue CEO, Dr James Mitchell, joins The Cloud Show, talking about Cloud and the Public Sector.

The Cloud Show’s Jez Back and David Organ interview Strategic Blue CEO, Dr James Mitchell about public sector procurement of cloud services such as AWS and Azure.

“Strategic Blue are experts in the financial side of cloud. We offer a managed service that helps customers bridge the gap between how they would like to buy on the one hand, and the more standardised way that the major cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, want to sell, on the other. The public sector, like many commercial organisations, have a particular way that they want to pay and contract for cloud. We’re able to help them with a combination of upfront consulting to understand what they need, and what their cloud procurement issues are; and then we can step into the billing chain, buying from the cloud provider on one set of terms, and selling on a different set of terms.”
Dr James Mitchell, Strategic Blue CEO

Interview Highlights

During the interview, James, Jez and David discuss the latest cloud news, particularly the Pentagon’s JEDI public sector cloud procurement program, with its delays in launching a public cloud RFP for a “Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure”.

“It’s fascinating to see how many cloud billing and pricing and procurement issues are outlined in the JEDI RFP document.” 
Dr James Mitchell, Strategic Blue CEO

“The Pentagon are really asking, “How can we control our cloud spend, and how can we reduce it?”
Jez Back, The Cloud Show

“Only a handful of hyperscale cloud vendors that have the scale to be able to respond to the JEDI cloud RFP. This is NOT private cloud, this is NOT on-premises. It has to be the same technically, with the same price point, as for commercial cloud.”
Dr James Mitchell, Strategic Blue CEO

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