Buy cloud that best suits your needs.

At Strategic Blue, we help cloud users purchase public cloud on customisable terms that are ideal for them and their business. We fully understand that not every client has the means to purchase the cloud that they need. Our goal is to work promptly and directly with you to provide the support, financial assistance, and innovative solutions that you need to succeed in your cloud procurement goals. 

Do you need flexibility in how you buy cloud? Would you like to use different currencies to make your purchases? Are you in need of financial assistance to get the cloud that is ideal for your business? Are looming upfront costs keeping you from moving forward? If so, Strategic Blue can definitely help! At Strategic Blue, we are experts in cloud procurement solutions that will enable you to obtain the cloud services that you want and need. We eliminate the stress and worry of cloud procurement so that you can place your focus and efforts elsewhere. 

With a strong focus on providing superior customer care, we listen to your needs and strive to understand exactly how you want to purchase cloud. We help you manage all technical and financial challenges by intervening in the billing chain and adapting policies to accommodate OPEX and CAPEX. We will expedite cloud procurement and enhance cloud migrations by offering you access to financing and flexible billing to meet your individualised needs. 

How It Works

Financial Accommodation

When you have a financial request that cannot be accommodated by your cloud vendor, we intervene and build a bridge that will get you the cloud procurement that you need. No matter if you need to make a cloud purchase in a different currency or you need help with financing, and flexible payment plans, Strategic Blue is committed to helping you succeed. 

Flexible Billing

Feel free to discuss creative billing options. At Strategic Blue, we pride ourselves on being able to find billing solutions for every customer, and we are willing to consider options that our competitors will not. One of our primary goals is to assist you in procuring cloud that you need, and we will go to work with you to make sure that happens. We even provide some customers with 120 days to pay off their cloud invoices because we understand that extra time in a billing cycle is necessary. We can also help with upfront costs that you may be required to pay. Some cloud providers require large upfront payments to begin services. Understanding that this can be an obstacle to your success, we will partner with you to ensure that your plans move forward. If you need to pay multi-years’ worth of estimated cloud bills, we are here to assist you. We will also work carefully with you to create a billing arrangement that is ideal for your individual needs, and we will ensure that you receive monthly up to date billing to help you achieve payment on a 30 days term.

Customisable Terms

When Strategic Blue is integrated into the billing chain, we can work to ensure that you can purchase cloud on customised terms that are tailored to your specific needs. Our specialty is handling non-standard cloud procurement requests and delivering outstanding customer service to our clients.

Think of us as your personal cloud procurement concierge. We work on your behalf to ensure that you get the cloud solutions on terms that are perfect for you. Let us know what your cloud needs are, help us understand your challenges, and we will deliver optimised solutions and will meet or exceed your expectations. With more than [Number of Years] of experience in helping companies obtain cloud procurement on their specific terms, we guarantee tailored-made solutions that will promote your success. 

How We Can Help You

Partnering with Strategic Blue ensure that you meet all your cloud procurement goals. Through a combination of customised and tailored services, we deliver the following assistance with cloud procurement that is unmatched in the industry.

Cloud invoice with extended payment terms. Need additional time to pay your cloud invoice? Strategic Blue is here to ensure that you have the time you need to make payments on your terms. We will work with you to structure flexible payment terms that work and are stress-free.

Mid-month issued estimated cloud invoices. Plan ahead with estimated invoices approximately every two weeks. Knowing what to expect when your cloud invoice arrives gives you the opportunity to create a payment strategy that works best for you.

Available financing to help you with upfront payment. Large upfront payments may seem like an impossibility and an obstacle to success, but at Strategic Blue, we can help you with upfront financing that will enable you to advance and move forward. Even if the upfront cost seems daunting, our cloud procurements experts are here to work with you to customise a solution that will work.

Assist with purchasing cloud in different currencies. At Strategic Blue, we understand that currency can sometimes be a barrier to success. We are here to eliminate those barriers and assist you with buying cloud in necessary currencies. As an established and well-respected company, we are able to broker currency solutions on your behalf. 

Individualised contracts that are tailored to your needs. Our cloud procurement experts will work closely with you to create customised solutions for all your cloud purchasing needs. No matter what obstacles and barriers you may be facing in buying cloud, we specialise in developing unique solutions that will remedy any complications you may face.

Support and cloud usage forecasting. Providing friendly, professional, and outstanding customer care is a top priority at Strategic Blue. From our unique customised cloud procurement solutions to our dedication to helping you succeed, we will work tirelessly on your behalf. We also provide cloud usage forecasting to assist you with planning and optimising the cloud services that we help you acquire.