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How will cloud affect the ability to budget, forecast and manage the very real possibility of overspend? How will costs be attributed to particular projects, departments or applications? What validation will be done to benchmark costs to ensure efficient, cost-effective use of resources? With cloud comes greater freedom for engineers and indeed the code they write to make procurement decisions. How will spend controls and an effective means for technical and financial teams to communicate be introduced that allows the freedom to innovate without losing the ability to provide governance and assurance?

While technical teams have a multitude of resources, technical support and external consultancies available to them as they find their feet in the cloud the same cannot be said for financial and business teams. All too often organisations work at the pace of the technical and when the technology is ready the organisation moves and other teams must follow. This can mean that all of a sudden financial teams are expected to provide answers to questions on and provide explanations for ever-increasing cloud bills with no means to do so. It is vital that this is considered alongside the technical from the outset.

As a financial services organisation specialising in cloud cost management and optimisation we provide tools to help financial teams perform their role and add value to the technical teams with whom they must collaborate. We provide our expertise in removing the procurement barriers to cloud (”Financial Adaptor”), providing clear insight into cloud spend trends and anomalies (“Clarity & Transparency”) and using a range of techniques to ensure cloud spend remains optimal (“People Powered FinOps”). In delivering these services we have collaborated with many different teams within organisations at different points in their cloud adoption journey. From this experience, we created a white paper on cloud cost management and optimisation which introduces key pillars to an effective, multi-layered approach to sustainable cloud adoption. We use this to help demonstrate what is possible and what organisations have found useful as the significance of their cloud usage grows. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you but hope that it at least provides some useful insights and food for thought. You may also find it useful to read our article on the financial side of a “Cloud Centre of Excellence”.

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