There are many unusual aspects to the current environment and hopefully, this will only be a once in a lifetime occurrence. One of these aspects is the way both supply and demand have been and will be impacted. We see occasions, where the demand remains but supply, is being disrupted or deliberately and necessarily constrained or redirected. On the other hand, we also see occasions where demand has significantly diminished due to uncertainty over revenues and the associated cost-cutting or avoidance. At home, we’ve clearly seen this with the shortage of home exercise equipment, and hair clippers against the excess in Easter Eggs and spring fashion. No doubt this fluctuation in supply and demand will continue in different areas and to different degrees as we contend with and eventually emerge from this crisis.

This will create a great number of challenges and difficult decision points in managing the resulting uncertainty around revenues. The one constant however will be the significance of cash, the significance of maintaining a healthy cash flow and a very careful evaluation of time to value for any and every investment. 

Where that investment is in cloud resources we will continue to work with our customers and partners to provide insight into their cloud spend. We help attribute spend to services, changes in usage profile and provide early notification of anomalies in consumption to mitigate overspend, With this visibility comes the ability to optimise spend through careful alignment with cloud vendor pricing models. By managing all our customers’ spend as a collective we can provide additional savings and flexibility beyond those possible buying at an individual level direct from the cloud vendors. It is sharing the benefit of this economy of scale that enables us to deliver many of our services free of charge thereby minimising the time to value in using Strategic Blue in cloud-based cost-cutting and optimisation exercises.

With the jagged recovery caused by the fluctuations in supply and demand cash flow management will remain of paramount importance and it will need to remain a continual process on the long road to recovery. Areas needing cuts one week may need investments the next and vice versa. Building cloud cost management into routine operations without incurring cost to do so will enable effective protection of cash now and into the future to survive whilst creating the potential to ultimately thrive.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help cost management become part of your everyday operations to help you adapt and grow.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Cloud Cost Optimisation then please read out white paper here.