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We have a small, but growing, development team, and employ a predominantly agile development workflow. Developers spend a lot of their time pairing, and can collaborate freely with other parts of the business. Our technology is mostly based around the Clojure ecosystem, on both back-end and the front-end, though we are always open to discussions about evolving our technology stack. The domain we work in is a mixture of finance and cloud computing, so expect to learn a great deal about how cloud usage is measured, commitments are traded, and costs are calculated.

Location: Home Based (Head Office – London) 
Salary: TBC
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Reporting to: Principle Software Developer

Key Tasks

  • Building and maintaining internal services written predominantly in Clojure
  • Learning about Cloud Computing, Event Sourcing and Stream Processing
  • Building modern front-ends in ClojureScript/Reagent
  • Collaborating with our product people to define requirements