How can I pay less than my competitors and be sure I have the best deal for me?

It's critical for organisations to quickly seize the cloud opportunity to optimise costs, stay competitive and gain market share.

Cloud can be very complex to buy and optimise across your organisation’s broad portfolio with its varying utilisation demands, cloud vendor options and migration partners.


Buy cloud with speed and flexibility, outpacing and outmaneuvering your competition


As a virtuous cycle, we also help you to track your vital stats and optimise your spend

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Buy Cloud, Your Way

Enjoy the freedom of the cloud, without redesigning your procurement process.

Buy Cloud, Your Way

Includes beneficial payment terms and commitment durations, alternative currencies and more…
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Track Your Vital Stats

See and understand your cloud usage, spend and value with an insights-driven dashboard.

Track Your Vital Stats

Simplified cloud billing and ready made dashboards tailored to help both finance and technical teams…
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Optimise Your Spend

Unique ways to save money and effort in maximising the value of cloud.

Optimise Your Spend

Includes savings not accessible directly from cloud vendors and continual reviews against changing pricing and promotions…
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Lift your head above the clouds and see what’s possible…

How Form3 unlocked unique savings across a range of services

How The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) overcame their cloud procurement hurdles

How to start buying cloud on your

Realise unique flexibility and savings through collective buying power

Stronger Together

We provide transparency and clarity making sure our customers are comfortable with our recommendations. Our software enables our team to drill down into the data behind our recommendations, showing you whatever level of detail your business needs.


Flexible Billing

Ask us about anything that requires unusual billing processes. We offer qualifying customers up to 120 days to pay their cloud invoices. At the opposite end, we help customers who need to pay up to three years of estimated bills upfront. Also, we help customers receive their cloud invoice before the end of a usage month. This enables them to pay on 30 days terms.


Terms to Suit You

With Strategic Blue in the billing chain, we ensure each customer can buy cloud on terms tailored to their individual needs. We specialize in non-standard requests for cloud procurement.

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