Barton Associates

Leading national healthcare staffing company, Barton Associates, needed to track its cloud costs down to the penny.

Barton Associates is a leading national healthcare staffing company, specialising in the placement of physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists and CRNAs into a wide variety of specialities.

Barton Associates met Strategic Blue at an Amazon Web Services (AWS) event, re:Invent. AWS re:Invent is one of the worlds largest cloud conferences hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community, featuring keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities across a hectic four and a half days. Having met Barton Associates at re:Invent, it soon became clear to Strategic Blue that they took their cloud costs very seriously, something Strategic Blue specialises in, providing an ideal platform to begin working together.

We met Barton Associates at AWS Re:Invent

We provided unique savings for Barton Associates

We helped Barton Associates track their costs down to the penny

Strategic Blue has fundamentally changed our approach to cost optimisation in AWS


With increasing cloud usage over the last few years, Barton Associates was eager to learn about how they could save money across a number of AWS accounts. This would require a reseller who understood the financials of cloud and the most efficient ways to leverage savings.

With a large number of ongoing projects, environments and AWS accounts, it was also imperative that Barton Associates could track their accounts and usage clearly, understanding where money could be saved and how much – it can be very easy to lose track of cloud costs across a number of different accounts.


As a result of the usage commitments, Barton Associates are on course to save large amounts on their cloud bill in their first year as a Strategic Blue customer. Moving forward into year two, Strategic Blue will use our advanced finance techniques to continue to find further savings for Barton Associates which will allow them to continue to use their budget to increase innovation and serve their customers better.

Barton Associates were initially drawn to partner with Strategic Blue by our ability to offer deeper and more tailored discounts than the cloud vendors allow directly which is part of our unique offering to customers. The dashboard has enabled the meetings to be focused on future plans and changes, with interactive meetings to tailor the dashboard to the Barton Associates needs. 

The future of the relationship is all about saving Barton Associates as much money on their cloud spend as possible, either through flexible commitments or technical recommendations.


Strategic Blue’s Customer Success Team held a number of meetings with the Barton Associates team to understand their usage, environments and create a proposal that ensured the most suitable savings for Barton Associates. These savings are realised through committing to usage for a tailored period of time, through Strategic Blue, in exchange for a discount. Without these discussions, it would have proved difficult to understand where and how money could be saved. 

In recent months, Strategic Blue has rolled out a customisable dashboard for Barton Associates, providing clarity and transparency of costs – down to the penny. This has helped Barton Associates to track their cloud usage across a number of different environments and accounts within their infrastructure. This has made it easier to visualise the savings Barton Associates has managed to accumulate through Strategic Blue, but also plan for the future.

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