At Strategic Blue, we offer creative financing and flexible billing that allows you to procure the cloud that you need. Our unique way of adaptable financing allows any business to achieve their cloud computing goals without draining their resources or redesigning their procurement process to do so. 

Never allow procurement terms to drive your business!

By offering unique and specialised value-added cloud resale, we can help you make your cloud procurement goals a reality while also optimising cost. As experts in designing bespoke cloud procurement options, we give you the ability to define your own purchasing terms. You define your purchasing power and set your goals, and we create a customised purchasing plan that will meet or exceed your expectations. Best of all, our purchase plan fits within your pre-existing procedures and legal terms, ensuring that a redesign is never needed. Our unique method of cloud procurement is devised to reduce operational complexity while adding cloud procurement flexibility. 

Partnering with Strategic Blue gives you the advantage of buying cloud your way!

Pay Upfront! When purchasing cloud, there can be upfront costs that present a unique challenge for businesses. With Strategic Blue in the billing chain, we can help you pay for all upfront costs and immediately remove any barriers to success that they create.

Payment Terms From 15-120 Days! If you need additional time to finalise your cloud invoice, we can customise payment terms that are ideal for you. Choose payment options from 15-120 days and take advantage of the payment flexibility that you need to succeed. 

Payment in the Currency of Your Choice! As cloud cost optimisation experts, we understand that paying in your preferred currency has its advantages. At Strategic Blue, we can work directly with you to conduct cloud procurement in whatever currency you prefer. Our goal is to do business on your terms and in the currency of your choosing. 

Purchase Order Payment! Not only do we offer flexibility in payment terms, but we offer the same in how you make your purchases. Choose to pay by purchase order or any current finance procedure that best works for you and your business. Our Financial Solutions Experts will provide you with detailed information on all available purchase procedures, and you decide which best aligns with your current procurement practice.

Unified Cloud Provider Approach! Business tends to run smoother when there is unity. With this idea in mind, we have elected a unified approach to working with cloud providers. Doing so translates to a more streamlined service provision for you and solidarity that promotes your business’s success.

Monthly Payments That Are Standardised! Uniformity in billing helps you know what to expect so that you can better plan for billing and payments. At Strategic Blue, we ensure that your payments are standardised, so there are no surprises. Periodically, we will also check in with you to determine if there are any payment modifications that we can make to help improve your payment process. 

Significant Cloud Savings! With all these components and more working together to help promote cloud cost optimisation, you can anticipate substantial cloud expenses savings. Typically, our customers can enjoy up to a 30% reduction in cloud costs* when we are added to the billing chain. As experts in reducing cloud costs, you can trust that our Financial Solutions Experts will create a customised plan with both success and savings as top priorities. 

Stronger with Us

Collective buying power translates to unparalleled savings and unique flexibility!

When you purchase cloud individually, you are limited in flexibility and on how much you can save. When you work with Strategic Blue, you benefit from unique resale programs and vendor pricing models that would otherwise not be available to you. Working with us opens doors and options that will help your business grow and succeed. 

We accomplish this by aggregating consumption into one portfolio that is designed to have superior flexibility and unparalleled savings that we can pass directly to you. By using this business model, we are also able to offer many services for free or at a reduced fee. At Strategic Blue, we realise that your success is our success, and we work hard to ensure that our partnership is always to your benefit. 

Unique Billing Options

We encourage you to ask us for non-standard billing options because we realise that the path to success sometimes requires thinking and billing outside of the box. When you add us to the billing chain, we can give you additional days to pay your cloud invoices. For some customers, we will extend their bill due date for 120 days. Additionally, when you are required to provide years of estimated billing upfront, we can cover that cost for you for up to three years. We can even help you receive your cloud invoice before the end of the month. Doing so will enable you to pay on a 30-day term. Standardised invoices allow you to schedule and plan payments more efficiently. 

Customized Terms

When you add Strategic Blue to the billing chain, you begin creating purchasing terms your way. Our objective and aim is to ensure that you buy cloud in a way that meets or exceeds your individual needs. For this reason, we specialise in non-standard payment terms for cloud procurement that others in the industry would never consider. By doing so, we help businesses succeed by using terms that suit them best. 

What Our Client’s Say

When it comes to our client’s success, you do not have to take our word for it. Here is what they have to say after adding Strategic Blue to their billing chain.

“As a start-up, we were having trouble raising the initial costs for cloud procurement. We only needed a bit of flexibility, but we kept hitting obstacle after obstacle. Then came an introduction to Strategic Blue. With the assistance and insights from their financial adviser, who worked directly with us, we had designed a cost and procurement plan that gave us the upfront money that we needed and flexibility in payment that was outstanding! Without Strategic Blue, I’m not sure what we would have done. They truly saved the day!”

Mark, London

*Cloud expenses percentage of savings can vary based on a case by case assessment and procurement opportunities unlocked by our financial solutions experts.