Clarity in Cloud

At Strategic Blue, we work closely with you to provide you with insights into your consumption and to analyse usage trends. Sharing the information with you empowers you to make well thought out and efficient evidence-based procurement and design decisions that will promote business growth and success. Our custom-made software and the tools that we share with you will act as a common interface that will enable teams within your business to speak the same language. The clarity and transparency that is created as a result will help drive success.

We Help Teams Work Collaboratively

With expertise in unique and non-standard cloud procurement, we offer our clients opportunities for added cloud resale. By utilising our custom-designed software, we are able to translate your cloud usage into helpful insights. We also understand that any potential cloud promises can only be actualised through close collaboration among financial and technical teams. Our bespoke software empowers technical and financial teams by providing the invaluable information that is needed to effectively communicate. We accomplish this by providing a common point of reference in the language that each team uses and understands.

Asking the Right Questions

Insights that help you ask the correct question and then find the correct answer are essential to a cloud procurement review. At Strategic Blue, we use customised technology that was designed and created in-house to mine data that provides invaluable insights into how you utilised cloud. Our cloud experts then use that data along with their extensive training and education to create a cloud procurement plan that is ideal for your business and goals. This truly individualised plan will include…

Custom and simplified cloud billing. You will work with our Financial Solutions Expert to design a payment plan that meets all of your billing needs. We will also provide you with regular billing invoices, so you know what to expect and when to expect it to allow you to plan your payments.

Individualised backing sheets that provide information in a context that is easily understandable. Our invoices have been carefully designed to not only tell you how much you pay for cloud, but it also tells you exactly how you use the cloud. Your monthly invoice will have highlighted sections that give you insights into today’s cloud usage as well as identify any emerging or continuing trends in usage. With this information readily and easily available, you will be able to better adjust and maximise cloud usage.

Billing that is unified and consistent across providers. Having a consistent and unified bill allows you to prepare and manage payments with ease. At Strategic Blue, we ensure that there are no surprise invoices or sudden price increases that keep you from anticipating and preparing for your cloud payments without stress or worrying about the unexpected.

Customisable show back and chargeback. So that you have a full picture of the scope of your cloud usage, we provide you with individualised chargeback and show back reporting that is customised to your specifications.

Dashboards with current and historical usage data. With access to customised dashboards, with just a quick glance, you will be able to see real-time cloud usage data as well as past usage. Having this information readily available at your fingertips will keep you up to date on exactly how you are using cloud.

Information created for technical or finance users. At Strategic Blue, we deliver information that is customised for you in a way that makes the most sense to you. We also include drill down to all the underlying data as well so that you have a full picture of cloud usage.

Strength in Unity

At Strategic Blue, we utilise cloud vendor pricing and resale models to deliver outstanding flexibility and savings that you cannot achieve when purchasing individually. With a single portfolio, we are able to aggregate consumption, and this creates unparalleled savings and flexibility for our partners and customers. By structuring our business model in this way, we are also able to offer many services for little charge or even free.

Outstanding Savings

By using our collective approach, the savings that we are able to pass along to our customers are superior and consistent. Many of our customers achieve a 30% decrease in cloud cost when they add us to the billing chain. We are also able to offer like for like pricing for resources as pre-paid commitments are made that are even more superior than what is purchased directly from the cloud vendor. Doing business in this manner also allows us to provide most services without charging a management fee.

Enhanced Flexibility

Strategic Blue put customers first by providing outstanding flexibility that translates into superior savings. Our portfolio effect gives us the ability to buy on the cloud vendor’s terms but sell to our customers on their terms. With increased flexibility added on, our customers define how they pay for cloud. We can structure payments to vary on the payment profile as well as duration. Forget the traditional 1 to 3-year terms. Instead, we offer our customers commitment opportunities and savings for 3 to 36-month terms and any term in between that will benefit the customer. No matter what payment term work best for you, we can structure a purchase plan around those terms to minimise the proportion of your spend at even the most premium On-Demand rate.

What our customers are saying….

“When I came to Strategic Blue I needed payment terms that no vendor was even willing to consider. Thankfully, my Strategic Blue advisor didn’t even hesitate or blink an eye when I explained what we needed. They created a cloud procurement plan with terms that were realistic for our company.”

Carlos, Norwich

“I have been partnering with Strategic Blue for over a year now. Their rates are consistent and designed to help my business succeed. It is so refreshing and uplifting to work with a company that you know wants to help you and see your business prosper. I wish more businesses were like Strategic Blue.”

Ana, Bath