A people-first approach to Cloud FinOps

Cloud computing is incredibly agile and allows customers to scale their compute resources by clicking a few buttons. Customers can save money, scale, and perform tasks that otherwise may not be possible. However, cloud computing has produced an IT industry that lacks communication, person-to-person interaction and solutions that align with the unique needs of the customer. 

I believe that in an industry where everything is so automated, incredibly efficient and readily available, that we shouldn’t neglect the important role that ‘people’ play. There are a plethora of self-service tools in the cloud industry that claim to understand your business needs. However, I’ve come across a number of examples whereby these types of tools aren’t doing the most important part, which is understanding the customer’s specific use-case. 

I joined Strategic Blue due to our people-first approach, and this is best embodied through our People Powered FinOps service, which does exactly that. We provide customers with the tools and analytics to empower decision making, whilst offering support from our dedicated customer teams that truly understand a customer’s ambitions on the cloud. 

What is People Powered FinOps?

People Powered FinOps is one of Strategic Blue’s deepest and most sophisticated services that we provide to cloud customers, and in my opinion, the most exciting. The People Powered FinOps service enables customers to save as much money as possible in the cloud, in a way that best suits their needs. Whether that’s finding quick wins through our Financial Solutions Architects and working with our customer account team to best forecast your usage and save money. Or letting Strategic Blue find the best programs or training available to your team with the cloud vendors. Our People Powered FinOps approach is designed to understand and empower the customer. Our CEO, Dr. James Mitchell, often refers to this approach as “paying-attention-as-a-service”, which is something that many customers simply don’t have time to do. 

I recently helped one of our customers with their shift to containers, which involved a large migration of instances. The Strategic Blue team worked closely with the customer to understand their plans, forecast their future usage, and was perfectly positioned to put in place new savings once this significant change had took place. Throughout this process, the customer account team was tracking the customer’s usage, wastage on any current commitments, and doing the paying attention needed for the large usage changes. This is a people-first approach that self-service tools don’t provide. 

Don’t forget the importance of people in cloud

Strategic Blue adopts a people-first approach with our customers, and it’s what makes us unique in our approach to cloud FinOps. Through the strong relationships that we build and mutual understanding of each other’s businesses, it allows our customers to make informed decisions as quickly as possible. 

If you’re eager to work with a partner that focuses on helping you save money in a way that best suits your needs, reach out to the Strategic Blue team. We will be more than happy to discuss our service in more detail, and provide a free FinOps review so you can see the benefits first-hand. 

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