In April this year, the AWS marketplace celebrated its 10th anniversary. The AWS Marketplace has empowered AWS customers to find, buy, and deploy a huge range of trusted software solutions in AWS. Whilst similarly empowering Independent Software Vendors “ISVs” and Consulting Partners to sell their fantastic solutions to AWS customers. The ongoing development and growth of the AWS Marketplace has been another string to the bow of AWS, enabling customers and partners alike. 

This curated digital catalogue makes it easy for organisations to discover, buy and provision third-party software. Working at one of AWS’ Partners and Resellers, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the benefits that the AWS Marketplace can bring to customers, and the growth it can deliver to businesses. Below are my thoughts on some of the most powerful benefits that the AWS Marketplace might bring your organisation: 

     1. Fully consolidated billing

All AWS Marketplace purchases are billed directly through AWS. This saves businesses a significant amount of time and effort by removing the need for them to contract with multiple software vendors.

Firstly, having a variety of different vendors and software solutions can be a headache. Finance and procurement professionals especially are likely to receive numerous invoices, ranging from multiple suppliers. This makes vendor management tricky, as well as coordinating the invoice and payments flow. Through the AWS Marketplace, customers can procure solutions, and the AWS Marketplace purchase is fully consolidated in their AWS billing. Whilst quite a simple feature, this can save huge amounts of time for businesses, who now have a ‘single pane of glass’ to view their cloud and AWS Marketplace spend. In an industry of complexity, this type of simplicity is invaluable.

      2. Ease of use 

The marketplace empowers businesses to procure a vast range of software solutions and deploy these solutions in AWS. In addition, all marketplace products are completely integrated with AWS so tech teams can deploy these quickly and accelerate technological innovation.

We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money”. Time really is money, especially in organisations that have time soaked up through dealing with multiple vendors, contracts and invoice flows. Through the AWS Marketplace, a customer can ease the workload on their teams, giving them back precious time to focus on areas that are far more crucial to their growth and success. The ease of use of the AWS Marketplace cannot go unmentioned. This saves AWS customers time and money on resources that would otherwise be spent trying to unravel the joys of procurement spaghetti. 

     3. Trusted solutions 

The AWS Marketplace team vets vendors and solutions before listing them on the marketplace. This means that businesses can have complete confidence and trust in marketplace solutions as they are fully AWS-approved. 

The AWS Marketplace has evolved and become more sophisticated over the last 10 years. It manages the products and service vendors so you have a number of trusted vendors all in one place. This allows you to quickly and effectively purchase software solutions on the AWS Marketplace with reassurance that the vendor is AWS-approved. AWS customers have complete confidence that the software and service vendors that are listed are not only of the highest calibre, but are the correct solution for them. Having a trusted solution goes a long way in easing any fears over what could be a large investment. 

     4. Private offers

If businesses are procuring AWS services via an AWS reseller, resellers can negotiate private offers through the AWS Marketplace to help get the best price possible for AWS customers.

One of the areas that we can benefit customers using the marketplace is through “private offers”. This enables us to partner with the ISV or software provider, and help negotiate the best possible terms for the customer. It enables customers to not just pay the list price, but build a long-term strategy with the product supplier, with the appropriate discounts to match. 

If you’re an AWS customer that is new to the AWS Marketplace, or an AWS customer that already heavily uses it, you’re very welcome to reach out to either myself or anyone at Strategic Blue to discuss the benefits that the AWS Marketplace can bring to your organisation.